Weatherbeeta dynamic rug 🐴🐴


The weatherbeeta dynamic is one of those rugs that everyone needs to have in their tack room! It is a 220g medium weight turnout with 1200D ripstop. It is super strong with a triple weave outer shell that is both waterproof and breathable.

This rug is full of Fantastic features ensuring your horse is as comfortable and happy as possible whilst wearing his rug. One of my favourite things about this rug has to be the memory foam wither relief pads. They contour the horses shape and lift the rug off the withers to prevent damage to the ligaments and nerves. The saying no foot no horse is the same as no back no horse, So this is an extremely clever feature!!
Ezi clip front closures mean it is quick and easy to fasten the rug, twin surcingles and elasticated, adjustable leg straps secure the rug in place meaning it is less likely to slip! Another bonus to this rug is that it is covered by the 3 year warranty on fixtures & fittings, waterproofness and

Overall I would definitely recommend this rug! It is a nice weight, perfect for this time of year! It has great features that make it fab value for money and it is definitely a firm favourite of mine! The fact it is purple and suits Cedric so well is an added bonus!!

Available instore & online!



Caution… Fake Horses For Sale!

Whilst the internet has enhanced our lives in any number of ways, it also leaves us more vulnerable than ever to scams. A fabulous resource is being exploited by unscrupulous people and no aspect of online activity is immune from fraudsters including, unfortunately, the sale of livestock.

Highly regarded breeder Dawn Janciauskas was recently shocked to discover that the videos she has produced to showcase her horses were being used to create fake sales advertisements.

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Could Your Horse Benefit from A Solarium?

This might sound like a strange question! After all, your horse is unlikely to be seeking a sun tan. But before you dismiss the idea, read on!

Equine solariums are becoming more common and are versatile additions to any facility. Horses stand in the warm environment for up to an hour and no shades are required! But what are the
benefits of a solarium?

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Horse Camp

I have just got back from Horse camp at Somerford Park! I have loved every minute of it and learnt so much in from the 3 days that I was there! We had a flatwork lesson, in which we did a lot of work softening and getting them supple by using outside flexion on a circle whilst keeping the rhythm. Cedric was a bit of a monkey to start and was dancing on two legs but he soon settled and worked really well! Next up was jumping, we started with pole work and then moved on to slowly piecing a course together. We did up to about 75cm with some fillers and spreads and he didn’t put a foot wrong! It was fab!! The final lesson was on the cross country, neither me or Ced have ever done xc so I was nervous but excited!! Cedric was a star and jumped everything that I asked of him and we even managed to get him in the water!! This was a massive achievement as Ced doesn’t even like to walk through a puddle😂 On the last day we did the farm ride and just had a play in the water again! Cedric didn’t put a foot wrong the whole time we were there! His first time staying away and he took it all in his stride! None of us wanted to leave, if only we could be rich and not have to work! 😆🐴


Should Riding Hats be Compulsory?

It’s an old question which will always cause a lively argument. Many riders don’t wear safety helmets, some will only wear a hat when show jumping or engaging in what they deem to be risky activity. The Queen is 90 years old and never wears a safety helmet but is she being sensible?

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New ComFiTec Range from Weatherbeeta


Weatherbeeta Hugology

Designed to conquer the worst of the elements and to give you peace of mind, the new ComFiTec turnout rugs from Weatherbeeta are the brand’s most advanced styles yet. Every detail has been attended to from the fabric to the fastenings to ensure that your horse enjoys superior comfort and the finest fit. Your horse will be snug as bug, whatever the elements decide to throw at him. Weatherbeeta call it Hugology!

The range features three collections:

ConFiTec Premier – premium quality, superior strength and comfort

ComFiTec Plus – amazing quality and incredible value for money

ComFiTec Classic – quality and comfort at lower prices

Outer Fabrics and Fill

All Weatherbeeta turnout rugs are fashioned from 100% waterproof fabric. A bonded membrane provides a barrier against moisture and yet allows your horse’s sweat to escape and evaporate as quickly as possible. Your horse’s temperature will be regulated whilst the taped seams ensure that the elements cannot penetrate the rug. A variety of fills are available to suit your horse’s needs.

  • ComFiTec Ultra features luxurious lofty polyfill for ultimate warmth
  • ComFiTec Premier Thinsulate features Thinsulate filling technology for lightweight breathable warmth without the bulk, by trapping the heat for superior insulation. Works with the Thermi-heat lining.
  • ComFiTec Premier, ComFiTec Plus & ComFiTec Classic ranges feature warm, insulating polyfill. Available in Heavy, Medium, Medium Lite or Lite options.

Outer fabrics all boast the added benefit of Repel Shell or Teflon Coating. This additional layer acts as a shield causing water droplets to bead and run off the rug. This ensures that the rug is never saturated and also allows dry soil to be brushed away easily.

Outer fabrics vary in strength as follows:

  • WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Ultra turnouts feature 1680 denier ballistic nylon for the ultimate strength.
  • WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Premier & ComFiTec Plus turnouts feature 1200 denier triple weave or ripstop weave fabrics. The triple weave (zig zag weave) and ripstop weave (cross hatch weave) strengthen the fabric and help to limit tearing.
  • WeatherBeeta ComFiTec turnouts offer 1200 denier & 600 denier outer fabric options with ripstop weave (cross hatch weave) to strengthen the fabric and help to limit tears.




Weatherbeeta ComFiTex turnout rugs are made with polyester linings or Thermi-Heat linings. The polyester linings of ComFiTec Plus and ConfiTec Classic rugs are robust and durable. ConFiTec Premier rugs have Thermi-Heat linings which feature Thinsulate technology. This helps to prevent heat loss whilst allowing moisture to escape.

Rug Friendly, Rug Wrecker or Rug Houdini?

It is crucial that you choose the right Weatherbeeta turnout rug for your horse. In addition to settling on the correct level of insulation you must also consider your horse’s personality. Are they rug friendly, a rug wrecker or an escape artist? The Weatherbeeta range features styles suitable for every horse.

Weatherbeeta recommend:

For Rug Friendly Horses

ComFiTec Premier Free – premium quality and superior freedom of movement

ComFiTec Plus Dynamic – durable but remarkable value

For Rug Wreckers

ComFiTec Plus Dynamic – remarkable value and robust

ComFiTec Classic Essential – durability on a budget

For Houdinis

ComFiTec Premier Free – freedom of movement but with sophisticated fastenings

Weatherbeeta for Your Horse

This comprehensive range of high quality turnout rugs is sure to offer the perfect style for both your horse and your budget. With a variety of outer fabrics, fills and fits to choose from together with standard and combo designs, Weatherbeeta certainly have your horse covered!

Longton Dressage 🐴☀️

On Saturday 15th April I did the longton Dressage with Cedric. As usual we did the intro & the prelim class and he was fab! The sun was shining when I arrived to the yard which made the early start a little easier!

When I began to warm Ced up he felt really flat and behind the leg so I spent a few minutes in a stretchy contact long and low just getting him really forward and swinging through, once he’d woken up I then began to pick him up and bring him together. He felt really good and I went into the first test feeling really positive. He did a really sweet test didn’t put a foot wrong but it just didn’t have that usual ‘oomph’ about it.  Never the less he scored 72% and we won!!

I put him away for 20 minutes and he had a little break before his next class. I knew he wouldn’t need much working in as he’d been really soft and supple before. I jumped back on had a quick play on either rein and then it was our turn. It was Prelim 2 which we’d done the month before so I knew the test well. He was really good, the canter transitions weren’t as neat as they should be but for a 5 year old I can’t complain! Big pats and off we went.

Once id put him away and tidied everything away I went to check my scores and was shocked to see we’d got 2nd with 66.% 😆 Only 1% behind the lead!!