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Equine and Rider Care Articles

A series of articles to give you valuable information about equine and rider related issues. Please read on for further information

All About Horse Flies

An article all about the insects which pester our horses and why you need to protect your horse.

How to Choose a Riding Hat

Confused about what you need to look for when choosing a riding hat? Look no more! With our guide we show you how to get the correct fit!

Guide to Tick Removal

An informative guide to ticks, the diseases they carry, care information and how to remove them from horses and ponies.

Guide to Worm Control

A comprehensive guide to worm control for all horses and foals, with information on effects of these parasites as well as how to deal with them.

A Guide to Mud Fever Control

Read our Guide to Mud Fever Treatment and find out how to prevent as well as treat this condition in your horse.

Our Guide to Avoiding Ragwort Poisoning

An informative guide on how to avoid ragwort poisoning. Top quality advice from Oakfield!

Caring for Horses in the Winter Months

An informative guide on how to care for a horse in colder conditions including snow and ice.

Horse Share Schemes

A great article on how Horse Share Schemes work

Fitness for Riding

Feel that you need to get fitter to improve your riding? Here's some good ideas for you on how to improve fitness and enjoy your riding more!

Equine Therapy

An article about Equine Therapy and how this can benefit many different people.

The Cost of Horse Ownership

Read our guide to the cost of horse ownership, which talks you through the things that you will need to consider.

Glucosamine Supplements for Horses

Learn why your horse should be given Glucosamine supplements especially if you have an older horse!

Riding Hat Standards

Riding hat standards in the UK have changed! Read our guide to the new riding hat standards and what to look out for in your new riding hat!

Should Horses Go Barefoot?

It's one of those questions which gets many hot under the collar, but we're going to ask it! Should horses go barefoot?

Horse Riding Routes in Lancashire

A quick guide to the many delights of horse riding in Lancashire. Find out where the best trails are and what to do when you get there!

What Do You Need To Start Horse Riding?

Read our guide to starting out on the road to horse riding with great advice on what you need and what you shouldn't worry about until you really get the horse riding bug!

The Best UK Riding Holiday Destinations!

Read all about the best UK riding holiday destinations in our latest article!

Riding Holidays in Slovenia

Read about Slovenia and how it presents a wonderful opportunity for horse riding holidays

Be a Better Rider

We all want to be better riders! Learn how to improve your technique by reading our latest guide!